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What We Do

We are a full-service design + build firm specializing in award-winning homes, boutique projects, large-scale commercial works, and everything in-between. Our client-focused and collaborative design process results in unique installations as distinct as their owners.

At T2theS, every client is our passion. Every project is an opportunity. Every environment is crafted to last generations.

  • Scott Fisher

    Founding Principal / Designer

    Scott attended the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Upon graduating with a degree in Furniture and Environmental Design, Scott went straight to New York City to hone his craft, working with internationally acclaimed brands such as DKNY, Nordstrom, and Nike. His classical training influenced by iconic design is informed by his passion for complex pairings and innovative materials. To expand upon his passion, he founded T2theS with the sole mission of creating timeless and impeccably crafted objects and spaces that embody his design philosophies.

  • Derek Grasso

    Principal / Designer

    Derek is the other driving half of T2theS. With obsessive attention to detail and zero-tolerance for mediocrity, our client’s projects are professionally managed and executed with the utmost attention to detail, surpassing industry standards. With an extensive background in project-management and marketing, he helps keep this sailing ship on course. Derek is a natural-born entrepreneur, blessed with a keen eye for design and the ability to comprehend and communicate our clients needs.

Our Team
  • Design every day.

    Christina Barthelemy

    Senior Designer

  • Brent Long

    Ops Manager

  • Hoyt Withers

    Production Manager

  • Aaron Walter

    Special Projects

  • i'm the original.

    Jay Gehman

    Wood Working Wizard / Master Carpenter

  • Tim Oare


  • Only time will tell if we will stand the test of time.

    Dan “Halen” Giltner


  • Don't kick a fresh terd on a hot day.

    Will Degroot


  • Josh Shaw


  • make up a quote for me.

    Carises Horn

    Lead Finisher

  • Aaron Aitchison †


  • Ian Hornek


  • Ryan Zell


  • John Allen


  • Dave Long